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Rakan Khamash
Rakan Khamash
A.M.A. 10 B.M. 7.5 C.U. 8 L.L. 8.8 J.T. 7.5 Creative 8.4 A.M.A. 10 B.M. 8 C.U. 9 L.L. 8 J.T. 7 Design 8.4 A.M.A. 10 B.M. 9 C.U. 9 L.L. 7.2 J.T. 8 Craft 8.6 A.M.A. 10 B.M. 8.2 C.U. 8.7 L.L. 8 J.T. 7.5 Total 8.5
A super fast killer cat / cyborg / robot
The Concept

Again, I find myself highly motivated after seeing this amazing concept by CreatureBox.

Concept Art work
The Production

For this project I wanted to do nothing but old school modeling - starting from basic shapes and slowly adding details to it.
I modeled each part in a separate layer, then I posed him and added joints and connecting parts.

Model start
More parts
Blocking main shapes
Overall shape and size view
Some smaller details
Back details
Front details
First scene idea I had (fail)
Back final
First light test
Color test
Full scene rough
Final scene setup + render passes. Everything ready for render.
Final model
Final model
Final model
Final model
Final model

Once I finished the model, I added shaders / materials.
HDRI + 1 directional light + 2 area lights + 1 spotlight (with volumetrics) coming from the back with light streaks.
Cranked the render quality settings and let the bad boy cook for 5 hours render time with 3 passes (Color, ID, Highlights).

Then I comped everything in photoshop + added some dirt and small details.
Aftereffects for CC and that extra pop in the image.

Some photoshop edits
Final Image
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