River Island x JP Braganza

Mark Salam
White Lodge
Stephen Whelan
Marga Sarda
9+ Team Members
V.M.H. 9 P.T. 8.5 G.R. 9 J.M. 9.75 Creative 9.1 V.M.H. 8.5 P.T. 8.4 G.R. 8.5 J.M. 8.5 Design 8.5 V.M.H. 7.5 P.T. 8.5 G.R. 9.5 J.M. 9 Craft 8.6 V.M.H. 8.3 P.T. 8.5 G.R. 9 J.M. 9.1 Total 8.7
Inspired by the prints of Jean-Pierre Braganza’s capsule collection for River Island, the film is a trip in which we will get to know the geography of its landscapes and the creatures that live in it.
The Concept

Dvein was tasked with creating a digital and powerful video that featured groundbreaking aesthetics inspired by Jean Pierre Barganza’s graphics.

Inspirational concept pieces - The main creative challenge for the team was combing two natures that were very different: a kingfisher and a Harley engine.
Storyboard pre-vis.
The Production

During production, the team sought to find a mid-point between digital aesthetics and reality, which could integrate the footage consistently. They completed the film using 3dsMax, Vray, Hairfarm and After Effects.

Live action recording of the model.

The final video was presented during London Fashion Week, where River Island presented their collaboration with Jean Pierre Braganza.

River Island
Dvein Direction & Art Direction
Mark Salam Music
White Lodge Production Co.
Stephen Whelan Executive Producer
Marga Sarda Producer
Camilla G Model
Blow Studio Postproduction Co.
Hugo Garcia Lead Animator
Carlos Contreras Character Setup
Carlos Dieguez 3D Generalists
Antonio Alvarez 3D Generalists
Jose Luis Bernal D.O.P.
Dominique Aizpurua Art Direction
Alba Guillen Make-up Artist
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