Graphic Design


Nico Bolacha (Neekoe)
Andreas Preis
Alexander Lehnert
Sam Welker
1+ Team Members
Nico Bolacha (Neekoe) wanted to step out of his "comfort zone" and utilize new tools to create PTEROIS.
The Concept

After studying real footage and engaging in a movement study of the lion fish, part of the Pterois family, Neekoe was inspired to start a new project.

Neekoe's design was inspired by line art, pattern shading, and reptile, fish and animal skin.
He looked at underwater, canyon, crevasse, and mechanical clutch design shots.
Neekoe started with rough pattern ideas and creating mood board to examine the relationship between light, shadow and atmosphere.
The Production

While modeling, texturing and rigging, Neekoe utilized basic hard surface subdivision modeling with hypernurbs and guide splines.

There was a UV layout creation for each model section. Sequential fin chain movement was done using dynamic joints and Xpresso.
Then, Neekoe moved on to develop a rough fish body rig, using a separate lowres proxy model for animation.
He utilized stacked splines and loftnurbs for canyon modeling. He added details with a random effector on all profile splines and noise deplacement deformer.
To animate splines, loftnurbs, cloner and step effector, he used three animation cycle offsets. A pattern animation test was done with step and random effector.
A pattern grid used several animated primitive spline objects, extrude nurbs, step and shader effector. The pattern stack in After Effects with time offset and blending modes added variety. Nearing the tail end--no pun intended--of the project, Neekoe imported layouts in After Effects with final pattern animation.
Material look development merged metal textures and subsurfacescattering (SSS).
Rending of the canyon was done with baked GI. Neekoe locked down camera angles and animation for final cameramatic.
Compositing included atmospheric effects, particles, water distortion, color grading, and camera blur.

In the final creation, viewers watch the Pterois' underwater journey with as sense of wonder as various detailed aspects of the fish and underwater environment are focused on or illuminated.

Making of Video
Personal Project
Andreas Preis Designer/Illustrator for Inspiration
BioWorkZ Designer/Illustrator for Inspiration
Alexander Lehnert Vray Assistance
Sam Welker Xpresso Assistance
Neekoe All Aspects of the Project Other than Sound
Zelig Sound Sound Design
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