Graphic Design

Prius V: More Versatility, Efficiency & Connectivity

Serial Cut + Saatchi & Saatchi LA
Sergio del Puerto
Paloma Rincón
Benjamin Simon
Jimmy Andersson
Fabio Samoes
1+ Team Members
Created by Serial Cut and commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi LA, these 3 key visuals showcase the features of the new Toyota Prius V.
The Concept

Serial Cut started with sketches to show the concept of the amount of trunk space available in the Prius V. Each concept focuses on the versatility of activities that are possible with the new vehicle.

Sketches by Saatch & Saatchi LA
Visual Mock-Up
The Production

Inspired by fairytales these key visuals use bright colors and object like balloons, dinosaurs, and rock stars. Each object was shot separately for better control of the lighting and focus. Serial Cut used Cinema 4D to create 3D objects included in the final image. Three months of preproduction, six days of photo shooting and two months of postproduction were required to make each visual.

Photo shoot with models.
Photo shoot with models.
Cinema 4D composition.
Texturing and lighting of final render.
Photo shoot with models.

Serial Cut combined all the objects in Photoshop to produce these 3 visual ads.

Showing how the Prius V can carry a variety of people and payload possibilities.
Bing™, iHeartRadio,, OpenTable® and Pandora® through the Entune™ system. These apps are connected and represented by a number of colored objects in a dark space.
Prius V and its exceptional fuel efficiency let this dude go digging more, visit a rock concert or catch a baseball game.
Making of Video
Toyota USA
Sergio del Puerto Owner (Serial Cut)
Paloma Rincón Photographer (Serial Cut)
Benjamin Simon 3D-Illustrator & Art Director (Serial Cut)
Jimmy Andersson Designer / 3D Artist (Serial Cut)
Fabio Samoes Creative Director (Saatchi LA)
Zach Richter, Kirk Williams, Eric Haugen Associate Creative Directors (Saatchi LA)
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