Graphic Design

Porcelain Bone

Taylor James
A.M.A. 8 P.S. 8.2 R.K. 7.2 J.T. 7.8 L.L. 7.8 V.M.H. 8.5 E.S. 8 C.U. 8 B.M. 8 Creative 7.9 A.M.A. 9 P.S. 8.5 R.K. 6.8 J.T. 8 L.L. 8 V.M.H. 9 E.S. 8 C.U. 7 B.M. 8.5 Design 8.1 A.M.A. 8 P.S. 8.6 R.K. 6.5 J.T. 7 L.L. 7 V.M.H. 7 E.S. 7.5 C.U. 6 B.M. 8 Craft 7.3 A.M.A. 8.3 P.S. 8.4 R.K. 6.8 J.T. 7.6 L.L. 7.6 V.M.H. 8.2 E.S. 7.8 C.U. 7 B.M. 8.2 Total 7.8
We are pleased to announce that this campaign has won 4 Cannes Lions awards!
The Concept

A basic CGI model of the bone was created, we setup initial camera lensing and pre-visualized the composition for each of the 3 layouts. We then produced rough concept art, explored the designs for the exterior of the bones and incorporated each element to match the decorative style of the chosen imagery.

The Production

Next, we mocked up the designs onto low poly CGI bones to explore various materials and textures on the bone surface. Once the client agreed on the direction, we progressed to the hi-res stage by hand drawing the illustrations. The drawings were then placed onto our 3D bone, peeling away from it. We ensured the perspective, lighting and shadows reacted realistically by mapping the illustrations and stock imagery onto the bones in 3D. We then applied the porcelain varnish onto the illustrations for a credible and consistent finish. The colored background allowed for the creation of a photorealistic reflection on the porcelain bones.


Our retouch team carefully composited all the CGI elements together, finessing subtle texture details and overall color grade for the campaign.

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