Graphic Design

Greatness Awaits

BBH NY + Mill NY + MJZ
Jo Arghiris
Ari Weiss
Nate Able
Rick Herrera
Rupert Sanders
7+ Team Members
For the launch of Sony’s PS4, BBH NY, The Mill NY and MJZ created “Greatness Awaits” – a short film packed with live action and CG featuring over 100 characters from the PlayStation universe.
The Concept

To build the most epic commercial gamers would see this year, Director Rupert Sanders started with a single concept. His concept was a scene featuring the iconic characters that would be showcased. Throughout the shoot, all work stemmed from this image.

Initial concept board
The Production

The Mill NY’s VFX team built CG characters in Maya using each character's brand guidelines, then had to relight, retexture and re-rig all the assets before sending them all back for approval. After locking down a location they filmed a rough dry run of the action on a 5D. On set over 200 actors’ costumes were individually cast and modeled. A LIDAR scanned the whole set to give a point cloud of the whole scene that was viewable in Maya and Nuke in real world scale. Then three Nuke composers shared one massive Nuke script (7200 Nodes) to lay out the 3D composition.

Initial greyscale CG Diablo character model in Maya
Full textured CG characters and vehicles in Maya
Witch Doctor costume detail
Live action set with green screen

After three weeks of production and only two days of shooting, the final outcome was a 90-second film. The main character was a type of Maverick, the epitome of the PlayStation gamer delivering a long soliloquy on embracing greatness. The spot was one shot that followed him through the street and at the end of the street the whole Play Station universe has landed like a meteorite crater.

Arial shot of PlayStation universe battle
Battle scene from "Greatness Awaits"
Playstation - "Greatness Awaits"
Making of Video
Jo Arghiris Executive Producer
Ari Weiss Creative Director
Nate Able Creative Director
Rick Herrera Copy Writer
Rupert Sanders Director
Greig Fraser Director of Photography
Charlotte Arnold VFX Producer
Dominic Watkins Production Designer
Mayes Rubio Costume Designer
Brian Emrich Sound Design
Andrew Oswarek Music Producer
Phil Kay Composer
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