Graphic Design


Taylor James
There was no room for crying over spilt milk on this campaign! Taylor James designed and created this fun campaign for Oreo, depicting a whirling tornado and a tranquil zen garden using lots of yummy CG milk. You can see below the stages of creative development they went through, letting loose their 2D and 3D artists come up with something impactful and creative.
The Concept

Taylor James started the design process by exploring rough 2D sketches to block out the overall shape, proportions and composition of the tornado. Their in-house concept artists were able to quickly explore lots of different designs to find the right sense of balance and weight to the shape of the tornado, from the tightly twisted spout at the base, to the more energetic opening of the funnel.

The Production

It was important to get the sense of scale right, between the liquid, the cookies and the glass, but to also capture the powerful momentum and energy of a twisting tornado.
Their approach in achieving this was to sculpt the entire milk tornado in CGI. This allowed them to create one continuous flow and have total control over the scale and frequency of the contours and liquid edges twisting around the tornado and then carefully sculpt each splash of liquid with a directional flow to achieve a spinning momentum to the vortex.
CGI also gave Taylor James full control over the look and feel of the milk, with consistent lighting, reflections and shadows to maintain the form of the tornado, whilst keeping the viscosity and translucency of milk. CGI cookies were then placed into the tornado, so that the liquid collisions could be sculpted around them.


The fully sculpted tornado was taken into post production for final finishing. This included adding small photographic details such as bubbles within the milk, textures for the cookies and the crumbling particles breaking off them, and additional motion blur. They were very pleased with the finished results and it was great to show off their artists 3d Sculpting skills to create these fun and memorable images for brand Oreo!

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