Jonas Mosesson
Viktor Khan
Jonathan Dahl
Kristian Andersson
Neil Verhavert
3+ Team Members
V.M.H. 8.5 N.L. 7.5 J.S. 9 P.T. 9.1 B.R. 9 D.S.H. 9 GMUNK 8 HOUSE 8 A.M. 7.6 J.M. 9 Creative 8.5 V.M.H. 9 N.L. 8.3 J.S. 9.5 P.T. 9 B.R. 9 D.S.H. 9 GMUNK 9 HOUSE 9 A.M. 8.6 J.M. 9 Design 8.9 V.M.H. 9 N.L. 7.9 J.S. 9 P.T. 8.9 B.R. 9 D.S.H. 9 GMUNK 8 HOUSE 7.9 A.M. 8.8 J.M. 9 Craft 8.7 V.M.H. 8.8 N.L. 7.9 J.S. 9.2 P.T. 9 B.R. 9 D.S.H. 9 GMUNK 8.3 HOUSE 8.3 A.M. 8.3 J.M. 9 Total 8.7
We got really excited when Volontaire presented the brief to create this fragmented journey told through the grand (and sometimes not so grand) wishes of five children. Bonjour is a baking company collaborating together with Min stora dag – an organization working to make sick children’s wishes come true.
The Concept

The concept was about illustrating the dreams of the children in a fun and playfull way. We did this by combining it with a voice-over of 5 different sick children who sum up their dreams to create a cohesive story.

storyboard - part 1
storyboard - part 2
storyboard - part 3
storyboard - part 4
storyboard - part 5
The Production

We started with some test illustrations to determine the graphical style of the whole animatic. After some tryouts we were sure to give it a rather childish look this combined with some bright colors to give each scene a refreshing look.

Some screengrabs

The result is this whimsical, yet heartbreaking story fueled with playful vibrant animation.

My big day
Jonas Mosesson Illustration
Viktor Khan 2D ANIMATION
Jonathan Dahl 2D ANIMATION
Kristian Andersson 2D ANIMATION
Neil Verhavert 2D ANIMATION
Marcus Gestré 2D ANIMATION
Calle Wachtmeister MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN
Volontaire AGENCY
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