Graphic Design

Amazing in Motion "Strobe" Commercial

CHI & Partners
Jonathan Burley
Nicola Ridley
Adam Berg
Ben Croker
2+ Team Members
Created by CHI & Partners, STROBE showcases Lexus' innovative design and technology through imagination.
The Concept

The "Strobe" commercial spot is the third installment of "Amazing in Motion" series, opening Lexus up to a new audience—illustrating not just the brilliant engineering and grace of its products, but also the adventurous, imaginative nature of the brand.

This was a project about recreating movement without gravity, hindrances or boundaries. The concept was to include stunt men and acrobatic performers in bespoke LED light suits to tell the story of one man's incredible journey across the Kuala Lumpur skyline at night.
The Production

It took five full rehearsal days before shooting began. Each Lightman had to be the right height and position to create the illusion of the movement.

There’s craftsmanship in every aspect of the production — you can see it in the elaborate rigging, the highly detailed light costumes, the precision in the posing actors, and the insistence that all footage be shot completely in-camera.
The shoot itself consisted of seven back-to-back nighttime shoots. The film team flew in a team of riggers from Thailand who specialized in big stunts and martial arts films that used rigging to suspend performers from wires.

The finished spot gives a good indication that Lexus products and the new brand direction are now at the same stage in their development, and that makes for a more mature, more cohesive result.

Jonathan Burley Executive Creative Director
Nicola Ridley TV Producer
Stink Production Company
Adam Berg Director
Ben Croker Producer
Paul Hardcastle, Trim Editor
Franck Lambertz, MPC Post-Production, VFX Supervisor
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