Graphic Design

King of TV City

MPC + Stink + Chi & Partners
Adam Berg
Chris Allen
Franck Lambertz
Rob Webster & Alexei Berwitz
Alex Nicholson
MPC worked with Chi & Partners to create this blockbuster spot that features a lone hero encountering and controlling an array of amazing TV content.
The Concept

The concept was to show that users could control Samsung's new smart TV with simple gestures and voice commands. They wanted to start the spot with dramatic elements commonly seen on TV – a herd of stampeding wildebeest.

The concept features a lone character in an empty city. Surrounded by amazing TV content, the character is able to control the content using his hands and voice commands.
The size and complexity of the project required many design sketches to be used such as this one above that showcases how the alien mothership can look hovering over the city.
The Production

MPC was right at the center of the “King Of TV City” production from the start. The spot was a mix of live action and CG. It took three days on a back lot to capture technical plates of explosions, dust, saliva and fireballs. Then after the shoot a large team helped weave all of the pieces together seamlessly.

Using digital sculpting and airbrushing technology, the concept of the T Rex was based on films such as Jurassic Park and King Kong. Once production started rolling, additional 3D effects where added creating the falling bricks and dust as the T Rex interacted with the building.
For added realism, extra elements such as a drool was shot and composted in Nuke to add saliva to the T Rex's mouth.
To incorporate as much live action as possible, a small teddy bear was used to represent children's TV and content.
Using live action along with CG effects, the alien scene required the use of fireworks, explosions and flipping cars as a starting point. The CG team then added the city along with the UFO explosion.

The final piece pulls together all the dramatic elements and ends with our hero “pausing” a giant fireball, seconds before it engulfs him. As we pull back, we reveal him watching a Smart TV in his lounge.

Samsung 'King of TV City' Commercial
Making of Video
Adam Berg Director (Stink)
Chris Allen Visual Effects Producer (MPC)
Franck Lambertz Visual Effects Supervisor (MPC)
Rob Webster & Alexei Berwitz Creative Director (Chi & Partners)
Alex Nicholson Producer (Chi & Partners)
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