Hennessy, Crafted Light

Andre Assalino
Dan Phillips
Rupert Cresswell
William Lanham
Bluman Associates
1+ Team Members
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As part of Hennessy’s 250th anniversary, the world’s most celebrated cognac has commissioned a ground-breaking dynamic light installation for Harrods’s luxury window display this October. Hennessy has partnered with MPC Creative to create a one-off installation, a stunning and unique modern take on a long-standing optical illusion. The piece will be on view in Harrods from 1st October as part of the iconic store’s ‘Cover to Cover’ theme for the autumn.
The Concept

MPC wanted to create a visionary piece to capture the essence of Hennessey and all that embodies the philosophy of crafting the future. The Installation has been designed to celebrate Hennessy’s heritage of innovation and craftsmanship, displaying visual content which brings to mind the very essence of the cognac itself through golden hues and abstract fluid motion graphics.

'Full Turn' installation by Benjamin Muzzin was the inspiration for the Crafted Light installation.
The Production

To capture the concept and sense of luxury evoked by the golden light refraction of the cognac, MPC recreated the effect digitally using a mechanical R&D and motion design exploration using a modern "persistance of vision" technique. The specialized rig created with electro magnets to create the intermittent stopping and starting created specific rotations that were times with the playing of the motion graphics, in turn, revealing the optical illusion.

Two 23" IPS screens were fixed together back to back and spun at a speed of close to 90Km/H. When rotating the visuals of the screen appear to merge creating animated shapes and forms, in this case, Hennessy's world famous X.O bottles. The rotation velocity conceals the shape of the screens, leaving a floating hologram.

MPC wanted to create something different than the typical large screen animations. They started crafting ideas of different ways to display videos and create a physical experience that would stop people in their tracks.
An additional 3-dimensional twist was added to the installation using a Mechanical Rig to create animations visible in 360 degrees with palpable volume and depth.
The image on the screens appears to float in space through the holographic effect of the spinning screens.
Framed within a unique copper calw housing, a bespoke support structure reinforced a central axis that was designed to withstand centrifugal forces caused by two screens spinning at over 900rpm.
A unique built-in media player and control system was created to automate the starting and stopping of the screens. This automated stopping and starting was controlled using electro magnets positioned around the screens to flush the framing. The speed at which the screens rotated created specific visual effects that appeared as 3d to the naked eye.

Through 3 abstract animations, MPC was able to convey Hennessy's timeless qualities and traditions, creating an experience that reflects the brand's premium values.

"Crafted Light" launched in Harrods on 1st October for three weeks, just seven weeks prior to the final chapter in Hennessy's 250th Anniversary story in the UK this year.

Hennessy "Crafted Light" visuals - Flow
Andre Assalino Interactive Creative Director
Dan Phillips Executive Producer
Rupert Cresswell Motion Design Lead
William Lanham Motion Designer
Bluman Associates Installation Production and Media Control
Artem Installation Fabrication and Installation
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