Graphic Design


Ninja Theory
Ninja Theory
Dominic Matthews
Tamdeem Antoniades
Nina Kristensen
Jez San OBE
Ninja Theory has created a teaser for their upcoming game "Hellblade" that combines strong character stories, unique art vision and high-level gameplay.
The Concept

Concept of the teaser trailer was to reveal Senua as a character and hint at themes surrounding her story.

The previs trailer at beginning of development allowed the team to define the art style, mood and tone of the game.
The concept was sketched out into storyboards that were edited into a sequence.
Concept/ Intro video
The Production

The team had limited resources, they had no designer, animators and only one programmer. They designed the trailer around an art team that included a concept artist, environment artist, character artist and art director.

The previs trailer allows the team to take the concept art and realize it as game assets.
Instead of CG, the team creates in Engine and checks to see if the character tech and designs will hold up.
A rough edit was created to tie to the music. In Maya, Ninja Theory blocked out environments and cameras to iterate a box form until they had precisely locked down everything they wanted in every shot.
Screenshots were given to the concept artist who painted over into a full illustration.
From illustrations, the team could start dressing the scene in full 3D in Engine.
The video editor, Malina, was used as a placeholder actress.
An animator rotoscoped all scenes based on the video reference of Malina.
The final step was grading.
Frames were overpainted to get ideal lighting and color schemes, then replicated in Engine and lighting was corrected.

The final video pulls together all the pieces and forms a vivid, entertaining teaser for the highly anticipated Hellblade game.

Making of Video
Ninja Theory
Ninja Theory Agency
Dominic Matthews Product Development
Tamdeem Antoniades Chief Creative
Nina Kristensen Chief Development Director
Jez San OBE Non-Executive Director
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