Graphic Design

Cube Slam

North Kingdom + Public Class
Robert Lindström
Einar Öberg
Felix Hill
Daniel Wallström
Mathias Lindgren
Google’s Cube Slam, built by North Kingdom, is a browser based game that moves the classic game “Pong” into the 21st century by adding WebRTC – a video chat technology that let’s users see live video of their opponent while playing the game.
The Concept

North Kingdom set out to build a video game that allows you to play face-to-face against your friends. Starting with a 3D set up, they quickly transitioned to a 2D playing field with more character driven elements. Environment and character wireframes were built in Cinema 4D. Then the development team took those wires and started creating the world in a low poly-style. Keeping the elements in Static meshes helped in the process of creating the world.

Environment wireframes built in Cinema 4D, establish the game arena and it's surroundings
Character wireframe sketches are the first visuals defining the games featured cast
The Production

Cube Slam is built entirely on a Google cloud platform. The app is hosted on the Google App Engine with a backend written in Go, and the Channel API is used to set up the connection with your opponent. The app was built with 3D rendering enabled by WebGL and three.js. For browsers that don’t support WebGL, the game play still looks the same due to CSS3. The Cube Slam music-tracker and sound manager are built on the Web Audio API, allowing for a dynamic soundtrack that adapts in real-time to every level you reach.

3D Artist Felix Hill posing and animating the in game spectators using Cinema 4D
Developer Einar Öberg tests motion tracking in an early game prototype (originally, the idea was to play using motion capture)
Actionscript 3 snippet to show how the color of the terrain is controlled

The application allows players to play one-on-one with Bob the Bear or online against friends. The objective is to make the screen explode on your friend by winning. Shields, obstacles, and gravity fields change with every new level. Unlock power-ups including fireballs, lasers, multi-balls, mirrored controls, bulletproof shields, ghost balls, time bombs, resized paddles, extra lives, and death balls. All allows for a unique game experience with every start. A mobile app was built to provide the same experience.

Action-cam showing face-to-face gaming via webcam
Desktop gameplay versus "Bob" the bear
Plays just as smooth on your mobile device
Bob and friends calling it a night
Google Creative Lab
Robert Lindström Creative Director
Einar Öberg Developer & Technical Director
Felix Hill Designer
Daniel Wallström Designer
Mathias Lindgren Designer
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