Adrian Letechipia
I-Nu Yeh
GMUNK 9 R.V. 7.5 P.T. 7.5 V.M.H. 8 J.M. 8 M.P. 7.5 G.R. 8.5 F.A. 6 D.B. 6 A.J. 9 Creative 7.7 GMUNK 8 R.V. 7.5 P.T. 7.8 V.M.H. 8 J.M. 7.5 M.P. 8 G.R. 8 F.A. 7 D.B. 7 A.J. 8 Design 7.7 GMUNK 9 R.V. 8 P.T. 7.7 V.M.H. 9 J.M. 8 M.P. 8 G.R. 7 F.A. 7 D.B. 8 A.J. 7 Craft 7.9 GMUNK 8.7 R.V. 7.7 P.T. 7.7 V.M.H. 8.3 J.M. 7.8 M.P. 7.8 G.R. 7.8 F.A. 6.7 D.B. 7 A.J. 8 Total 7.8
ROARK had the pleasure of collaborating with upcoming producer Dom Hurley on a music video to promote his latest EP release “Easy”.
The Concept

Deep in the forests of Oregon, a band of close friends throw down a beatbox session. Each character has its own sonic voice informed by its particular background story, body movement and shape. Together they all party and have a great time creating music together until inevitably, things get a little crazy and one of them gets overly excited bringing everything to a crashing halt.

I-Nu Yeh, a Brooklyn, NY based illustrator and art director known for her quirky characters created multiple iterations of each character based on the individual personalities assigned to each frequency and sound.
Vegetation abstraction studies.
The Production

Adrian Letechipia of ROARK took the finished vector artwork that Yeh created and using a combination of 3D and 2D animation software such as Nuke and Cinema 4D, brought the characters to life.

Yeh's 2D artwork was scanned into the computer.
Adobe Illustrator was used to finalize the characters.
Mask animation.
Glimpse into the process of creating a monster filled beat box session in the forest.

“Forests” was accepted as part of an art show in New York City called #PLAYGREEN which took place at the Con Artist Collective in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Dom Hurley "Forests"Off of the "Easy" EP release.
Beat Box Jam Session
Dom Hurley
Adrian Letechipia Creative Director, Animator
I-Nu Yeh Art Director, Character Designer
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