Graphic Design

Doppio Caffè

Bardo Industries
G.R. 8 F.A. 5.5 A.M. 7 M.P. 8.5 M.S. 7 A.J. 6 D.S.H. 6.5 GMUNK 7 R.V. 7 P.T. 6 Creative 6.9 G.R. 9 F.A. 6 A.M. 8.5 M.P. 9.5 M.S. 9 A.J. 6 D.S.H. 6.5 GMUNK 6 R.V. 8 P.T. 8 Design 7.7 G.R. 9 F.A. 6 A.M. 8 M.P. 8 M.S. 8 A.J. 6 D.S.H. 7 GMUNK 6.5 R.V. 8 P.T. 6.5 Craft 7.3 G.R. 8.7 F.A. 5.8 A.M. 7.8 M.P. 8.7 M.S. 8 A.J. 6 D.S.H. 6.7 GMUNK 6.5 R.V. 7.7 P.T. 6.8 Total 7.3
A modern take on the traditional coffee shop, Doppio Caffè is an elevated experience where flavor is crucial, sourcing for the highest quality ingredients from around the world. Established in Riyadh, Doppio serves an array of specialty coffees and in-house baked pastries. To stand out in Saudi Arabia's growing specialty coffee culture, we conceived an identity system that reflects a long-standing coffee brewing tradition, inspired by vintage burlap coffee bags, and introduces a symbol that best represents Doppio's attributes: the Arabian Horse.
The Concept

Arabian Horse

Arabians are one of the oldest and purest breeds of riding horses. They are fast, enduring, intelligent and, after centuries of close coexistence with humans, loyal and friendly. They are elegant and refined, yet strong and relentless. Just like the Arabian Horse, Doppio is the purebred noble companion that joins you every day.

Arabian Horse
Main Logotype + classic paper cup
Cups Carrier + Secondary Logo lockup
Paper Bag + Additional stamp
Cold Brew
Arabian Horse Pattern
Doppio Caffè
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