Graphic Design

Thomas and the Alternate Universe

MPC + Furline + Y&R
Gigi Ng & Bill Dorais
Gigi Ng, Alex Harding, John Laughlin, Craig Sylvester and more.
Bjoern Ruehmann
Fern Cohen
Margot Owett
MPC and Furline introduce “Thomas, creator of an alternative universe,” a photo-real VFX-fueled spot for Dell that reveals the transformative power of imagination.
The Concept

The spot features Thomas, a graphic novelist who finds inspiration anywhere. Starting with dozens of sketches, MPC worked on giving each character personality through life-like qualities and vitality.

Sketches were created to define each character’s personality.
The Production

MPC’s philosophy going into this was that the more details they added, the more believable the piece would be. Each scene was filmed with real models that were replaced by CGI in post-production. This gave MPC the ability to play off the model’s facial expressions and body language.

The shoot took 3 days on a train and majority of the filming was handheld.
Models were replaced with CG characters.
MPC's team carefully reviewed and altered each character's expressions.
The Rabbit is wide-eyed and alert, looking like he's been up all night. Whose only pleasure in life seems to be the acquisition of a second ear.
MPC's in house software "Furtility" was used to give photorealistic hair.

In the final spot, we meet Thomas, a graphic novelist protagonist and "creator of an alternate universe". Directed by Bjoern Ruehmann.

Here is the spot Thomas: Creator of an Alternate Universe.
Making of Video
Gigi Ng & Bill Dorais VFX Supervisors (MPC)
Gigi Ng, Alex Harding, John Laughlin, Craig Sylvester and more. VFX Team (MPC)
Bjoern Ruehmann Director (Furline)
Fern Cohen Art Director
Margot Owett Copywriter
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