Graphic Design

Eristoff - Decode the Night

Laurent Dochy + Lev Detrez
Laurens Groven
Wes Nijsen (Design is Dead)
Projection mapping isn't new these days but this one takes it to another level. Using iPads as game controllers, participants could play a fast paced 3D game in real-time.
The Concept

The goal for the campaign was to portray Eristoff Red as the "most energetic drink to kick off your night". Next to an awareness campaign via traditional media, Famous teamed up with Lab101 and Design Is Dead to engage partygoers with an interactive 3D game.

The first step was to define a map outlining the interactive architecture.
The Production

Projected on the wall of a tall building in Ghent, the game consisted of 3 parts: a projection calibration tool to calibrate the building mesh vertices and projection matrix, game software and iPad software.

The building architecture and 3D elements were created using Cinema 4d
The event took part in the town square of Ghent and was the first time in Belgium that 3D mapping and gaming were combined
The hardward setup consisted of two Mac pros running the game through a DVI Matrix system and two Barco projectors
Software consisted of Cinder running on OSX using a standard OpenGL ES2 project for Boost and OSC support. Rending and animation was done in Cubebuilder github. The final setup included one machine assigned to be the master and the other slave where only the master calculates the scores and sends game updates to the iPads and slave server
Two players played against each other. With an iPad, they moved a crosshair on the front of the building and had to shoot wolves that appeared behind the windows. Shooting them earned the players coins and the player with the highest rank won.

The close cooperation between Famous, Labs101 and Design Is Dead lead to great results. With iPad in hand, gamers enjoyed the breathtaking experience playing on the wall of a building thanks to 3D mapping and interactive special effects.

Eristoff Decode the Night Game Preview
Making of Video
Eristoff Vodka
Laurent Dochy + Lev Detrez Creatives
Laurens Groven Design
Wes Nijsen (Design is Dead) 3D Models / Motion
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