Graphic Design

David Copperfield Rebrand

Bryan Grant
Bryan R Grant
GMUNK 7 D.S.H. 7 J.S. 6 P.K. 7 V.M.H. 6 A.M. 5 J.M. 8 V.C. 7.8 C.H. 7.5 P.T. 7 Creative 6.8 GMUNK 7.5 D.S.H. 7 J.S. 5 P.K. 8 V.M.H. 8.5 A.M. 6 J.M. 8 V.C. 7.5 C.H. 7.5 P.T. 7.1 Design 7.2 GMUNK 7.5 D.S.H. 8 J.S. 8 P.K. 7 V.M.H. 7 A.M. 5 J.M. 7.5 V.C. 7.5 C.H. 7.5 P.T. 7 Craft 7.2 GMUNK 7.3 D.S.H. 7.3 J.S. 6.3 P.K. 7.3 V.M.H. 7.2 A.M. 5.3 J.M. 7.8 V.C. 7.6 C.H. 7.5 P.T. 7 Total 7.1
Legendary Illusionist David Copperfield tasked Bryan Grant Studios with branding his new production company Red Safe.
The Concept

The objective was to create a powerful and cinematic design that had gravitas and drama. After several creative conversations, they agreed to a specific looking safe that could even be developed into a stage illusion for David's future shows.

The Production

The piece was built entirely in 3D. It was modeled, lit, and designed in Maxon's Cinema 4D. It was painted in 3D Coat then brought into Adobe Photoshop to fine-tune the details, shading and final color grading.

They built the entire safe in 3D to own full control over the structure, lighting, shading, future animation and appearance.

3D Design
Material Exploration & Lighting Design - They studied dozens of different metals, their age, reflection qualities, oxidation, light absorption and dramatic appearance.
Lighting design, texturing, beveling & shading options.
Typography Exploration & Design - After an exhuastive type exploration, these made the final rounds of consideration before choosing their final custom type.
Maxon Cinema 4D Screenshot
Maxon Cinema 4D Screenshot
Maxon Cinema 4D Screenshot
Adobe Photoshop

After studying dozens of different metals, their age, reflection qualities, oxidation, light observation and dramatic appearance, they landed on their final design.

David Copperfield
Bryan R Grant Creative Director and Designer
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