Jeremy W.
Christopher Hamilton
Jonathan Shrader
Amy Augustine
6+ Team Members
A.J. 8 A.M. 7 D.B. 8 D.S.H. 6 F.A. 7 G.R. 6 GMUNK 7 J.S. 6 M.P. 6 M.S. 6 Creative 6.7 A.J. 8 A.M. 7 D.B. 8 D.S.H. 6 F.A. 7 G.R. 6 GMUNK 8 J.S. 6 M.P. 5 M.S. 6 Design 6.7 A.J. 8 A.M. 8 D.B. 7 D.S.H. 6 F.A. 6 G.R. 8 GMUNK 8 J.S. 5 M.P. 8 M.S. 8 Craft 7.2 A.J. 8 A.M. 7.3 D.B. 7.7 D.S.H. 6 F.A. 6.7 G.R. 6.7 GMUNK 7.7 J.S. 5.7 M.P. 6.3 M.S. 6.7 Total 6.9
Jeremy W. directs the official music video for "MO(U)RNING" by alternative soul artist Anne Dereaux. Working closely with Anne, Jeremy W. developed a visual narrative about the cyclical nature of love, loss, and renewal.
The Concept

MO(U)RNING is a depiction of emotion and life through the passage of time. We use dark to light and day to night movements as a way to convey growth and change. We support this through the use of color and wardrobe.

Excerpt from the Fader with Anne Dereaux:

“We went very heavy [with] concept: morning vs mourning, waking up anew, but only after going through the agony of losing something or someone close to your heart,” Dereaux told The FADER over email. “The mutating halos are representative of my journey through the cosmos, sun down to sun up, from being broken to becoming whole again. There’s lots of symbolism, much of which is kind of fun to leave up to interpretation.”

The Production

MO(U)RNING was proudly shot at Pollution Studios, just outside of downtown LA in Boyle Heights, entirely on green screen. While it’s always preferred to shoot as much practically as possible, coordination of schedules was a challenge for us and we had a small window of opportunity to shoot the video. Our priority was to get the footage in the can, so we opted for green screen to give us some flexibility in post.

Background and lighting schemes were established before the shoot with DP Christopher Hamilton. This foundation greatly helped with keeping lighting cohesive in post.

Compositing was done entirely with After Effects, using mostly stock plugins for keying and clean up. Background elements like the neon lights, Weeping Mary halos, and fabricated environments were created with Cinema 4D. While every shot in the video required effects work, project setups were simple and we were able to move through 90, give or take, shots at a good clip.

The minimalist visuals, coupled with the beautiful color schemes and photography helped us put together a very beautiful, polished video.


MO(U)RNING debuted on in March of 2017. The song was also featured on episode 4 of Marvel's Inhumans.

Song Credits:
Written by Anne Dereaux
Produced by Trakmatik

Anne Dereaux
Jeremy W. Director
Christopher Hamilton Cinematography
Jonathan Shrader G & E
Amy Augustine Production Design
Angelina Diaz Makeup
Davon Ramos Editor
Tagori Mazzini Compositing
Shawna Spears PR
Matthew Ponder BTS
Divide/Conquer Special Thanks
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