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27th August Rendering reflective and diffuse surfaces: 3 top tips I use Arnold at The Mill, and would like to show you how to render reflective and diffuse surfaces by explaining to you how I used this software for the Audi project where we dealt with a fully CG environment in which these finished were present. Once we had done the initial look dev, it was time to optimise the scene before we passed the lighting setup out to the 50-plus shots that needing rendering. More 26th August Using live video to promote your freelance business If you’re a freelancer, promoting your business is arguably one of the most important things you need to do to stay competitive. However, maybe you’re not interested in the traditional promotional methods like business cards, trade shows and direct mail materials. That’s okay because thanks to technology and social media, audiences have become increasingly hungry for streaming content. More 24th August 4 Tips to craft the perfect client pitch that works almost every time Pitches are often the very first thing that creates an impression of your business or service. If you can get the other person’s interest going at the start, rest assured 90% of your work is done. Ka-ching! But what makes a sales pitch good is a very tricky question. More 24th August 6 Ugly truths about freelancing (and why you should still do it anyway) Working on a freelance basis can feel incredibly liberating. Being your own boss, a relaxed working schedule and cherry picking your projects are among the most alluring benefits. You’re in complete control of your own destiny and have more control over your working life than most people who work a 9-5 office job. More
22nd August Why companies go for rebranding Its been a while since since Instagram changed to a new logo. And ever since this happened, people from all over the world, have almost the same opinion about it. People still prefer the old logo. Nobody welcomed the new logo, and this is exactly why I wanna shed some light on the other side of the table. More 21st August Allan Fleming: The man who branded a nation At a pivotal moment in Canada’s history, Allan Fleming’s typographic designs for stamps, books, advertisements, logos and big civic projects shaped the look of the country, leaving a vital legacy. My father, Allan Fleming, has been called ‘Canada’s first design guru’. He was certainly the country’s foremost graphic designer in the spectacular mid-century moment when the fusion of advertising and typography... More 18th August Looking fast beats being fast You’d be forgiven if you thought that you had to design your clients’ websites to be fast all the time. After all, in modern, UX best practices, a site has to be fast to reduce the bounce rate, keep site visitors engaged, and keep them coming back.
Users don’t like slow sites because everyone’s used to things getting faster on the web.
18th August Learn how to take a punch Getting punched hurts, but in our line of work you need to get used to taking some once in a while. The work we do isn’t for us or even for our clients. It’s for our client’s clients. And to reach those people, you need to put your work literally out there.
Be it the internet, the streets in the form of a outdoor or a bus advertising, or even on TV, your work will always be public. And if all goes well, people will see and connect with it; each individual will react and have an opinion about what you created.
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